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NSW LRS - 2018/19 Fees - Update August

Fee Correction

The NSW LRS fees for products and services involving land titles, plans, property information and the Water Access Licence Register changed for the 2018/19 financial year. These fees were originally published in June 2018.

NSW LRS recently conducted a review of all lodgment fees raised under the Real Property Regulation 2014.

Fee Adjustment for Form 01TX Transfer and Road Closures – Item 8 of Schedule 1 Real Property Regulation 2014

Our review determined the allocated fee for a Transfer and Road Closure dealing (Form 01TX), was incorrect.

Please note that the correct fee for a Transfer and Road Closure is $282.90 (incl. GST). The correct fee will take effect immediately.

Corrected Fee Schedule 

A corrected fee schedule is provided below with the increased fee highlighted in yellow. 

The 2018/2019 fees page on our website has been updated to reflect this correction.

Where can I get more information?

Inquiries relating to dealings, plans, deeds, land information products and services and the Water Access Licence (WAL) register may be made in person at the Client Service Counter, Ground floor, NSW LRS Sydney, by telephone to 1300 052 637 or please contact us via our webform. 

Download this announcement and Updated Fee Schedule

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