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Review of Customer Terms 19 June 2018

NSW LRS has identified five separate sets of terms and conditions for doing business with NSW LRS. These terms and conditions were inherited from Land and Property Information and in general have not been subject to a detailed review since 2009.

NSW LRS has commenced a review of the customer terms and conditions. Any proposed changes to the customer terms and conditions will require approval from the Office of the Registrar General (ORG). NSW LRS and ORG have discussed a timeframe for the review which would include an opportunity for stakeholder feedback on any proposed changes to customer terms and conditions.

NSW LRS will post draft customer terms on the NSW LRS website during the first quarter of FY19 (i.e. July 2018 – September 2018).

Reminder of NSW LRS payment terms

NSW LRS Lodgment Terms and Conditions require payment to accompany documents at the time of lodgment.  

Breaches of our Lodgment Terms & Conditions can result in conditions being imposed on how customers conduct further business with NSW LRS.

Changes to overdue account reminders

NSW LRS is making changes to its overdue account reminders.  

From today customers that receive a final demand breach notice will, as per Condition 4.14, be required to conduct all further business with NSW LRS on a direct debit basis. The NSW LRS direct debt request form will be attached to the final demand breach notice.

Should payment of outstanding amounts listed in a final demand breach notice not be received within two (2) business days from the date of the notice, NSW LRS will reserve the right to refuse further dealings from the customer until the overdue amounts have been received (as per Condition 4.16).

More information

Inquiries relating to our customer terms and conditions may be made in person at the Client Service Counter, Ground floor, NSW LRS Sydney, by telephone to 1300 052 637 or by email to

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