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Crown plans

Image of historical crown planCrown plans are mostly survey drawings illustrating the land boundaries and physical features of specific parcels of land and may include references to early tenures and ownership of the land. The plans date back to 1792 and earlier. Over 40 per cent are still current and provide the survey diagram for a title. The remainder have been replaced by deposited plans and strata plans but are of historical interest and the basis of all later plans.

How can these records help?

The parish map helps you find the Crown plan which has survey details and land dimensions and size. Often the plan will show physical features, neighbouring owners, Government Gazette references and other particulars regarding the land which can help understand the history of a parcel of land.

If the Crown plan is current it provides the current legal boundaries of the land.

Accessing records

Free public access

Plans can be viewed free at public terminals at State Records Kingswood.

Crown plans are not available through public terminals at the State Library and not at NSW LRS Queens Square.

Records for purchase

Crown plans can be purchased, over the counter at NSW LRS Queens Square or through approved information brokers.


There are 6,508 early Crown plans listed on the State Records website. These plans are progressively being conserved, scanned and loaded for online delivery.

Identifying records

Crown plans have an identification number which is typically in the format NNNN-nnnn The second number, also known as the small number, represents the plan series and the first, or large number, is allocated sequentially within the series. For example, plans with the small number 1603 are road plans. To find the number, a common starting point is a Parish map, accessible free through the Historical Land Records Viewer (HLRV).

NSW LRS is converting a large percentage of Crown land parcels to Torrens Title, giving the properties a Torrens Title reference and incorporating them in the computerised titling system. Each converted Crown land parcel has a unique lot and plan identity in the format e.g. 701/1654321. This is the title reference.

Crown land not converted to Torrens title include:

  • National Parks and State Forests
  • Jetties
  • Crown land parcels in the Western Division
  • Enclosure Permits
  • Crown roads and waterways

Contact your local Crown land regional office for further information about properties of interest.

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