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Manual Torrens titles

After NSW LRS’ computerised titling system was established in 1983, Torrens Titles in manual form were progressively brought into the computerised system. In 2004 NSW LRS undertook the conversion of the remaining manual Torrens Titles, in particular those titles that could previously not be accommodated in the system. These titles included titles for single lots held in shares and titles for multiple parcels with shares now known respectively as Sub folios and Auto Consol Sub folios.

How can these records help?

Having records in the computerised system simplifies finding and confirming the current title.

Locating the Vol/Fol reference for a manual folio can take time as the Street address inquiry in the NSW LRS Online portal does not reference manual titles.

Accessing records

Public access

The computerised manual titles searches can be searched over the counter at NSW LRS Queens Square or through an approved information broker.

The free Street address inquiry in the NSW LRS Online portal can be used to find the new title reference for the property.

Identifying records?

The computerised manual titles have a title reference number, usually in the format 2/43333 or 2/43333A for a Sub folio. The title reference can usually be found by using the free Street address inquiry in the NSW LRS Online portal.

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