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Plan Lodgment books

The Plan Lodgment books, also known as the Register of Deposited and Strata Plans, were used between 1863 to 1995 to record details of deposited plans, strata plans (only since 1961), and a range of other plans lodged with NSW LRS.

These include miscellaneous plans of subdivision (both Old System and Real Property), Crown Authority plans, Housing Commission plans and Old System Registered plans. All but the strata plans have been re-catalogued as deposited plans.

The books have all been scanned and the physical volumes transferred to State Records.

How can these records help?

Use the NSW LRS Online portal to check document and plan status - a free online inquiry.You may want to look here for additional details, such as the plan lodgment date, the owner of the property at date of lodgment, or the Vol/Fol of the title being affected by the plan. Other details such as names of surveyors and lodging parties may also be found in the later registers.

Accessing records

Free public access

Scanned images of the Plan Lodgment Books are available free of charge through the Historical Land Records Viewer (HLRV).

Records for purchase

The scanned images are free to view.

Identifying records

The images of the Plan Lodgment Books are in sequential order. An image equates to one page from the books and multiple plan lodgments are shown on each image. Once the index in the Historical Land Records Viewer is complete users will be able to search for the relevant page by the plan number and an image of the page will be displayed.

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