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Real Property dealings

In the Torrens Title ‘dealings’ are transactions affecting a property, e.g. a transfer, mortgage or lease. Dealings on Torrens Title properties dating from 1863 to the 1990s have been converted from 16 mm microfilm to a digital format and are available for online delivery through approved information brokers.

How can these records help?

Some dealings that relate to current titles may need to be examined in connection with a current land transaction.

In historical research there may be details on the dealing not shown on the title folio e.g. the value of a transfer, details of buyers and sellers, terms and conditions of a mortgage or details of easements and other encumbrances.

Accessing records

Records to purchase

Copies are available for purchase over the counter at Queens Square or through approved information brokers.

Identifying records

The records are identified by a 'dealing number', usually a number prefixed by a letter of the alphabet. Dealing numbers are shown in the Torrens Purchasers Index and are usually on the Torrens Title folio. These can be:

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