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Torrens Purchasers Index

Image of Torrens Purchases IndexEstablished in 1863 when the Torrens Title system began, the Torrens Purchasers Index is a key means for finding when a person or corporation:

  • became the owner of Torrens title land or
  • became the holder of a registered lease over Torrens Title land or
  • received a grant of Crown land, from 1863 onwards, grants were recorded in this index rather than in the Grant Index.

The index also lists land resumptions and documents that record a name change to the registered owner on a land title.

The Torrens Purchasers Index was in book form from 1 January 1863 to 31 May 1971. These books are now being scanned to provide online access.

Each index entry provides:

  • the full name of the person or corporation being registered as the owner or leaseholder of the land
  • the Volume and Folio of the manual title folio
  • a dealing number, with a prefix like T, L, or G that shows that this is a transfer, lease, grant, etc.
  • the location of the land in terms of parish, county and locality.

How can these records help?

This index enables you to locate manual Torrens Title folios, which can then be purchased through an approved information broker.

Earlier, Old Form Torrens folios are available for free viewing on the Historical Land Records Viewer (HLRV) or on public terminals at NSW LRS Queens Square, State Records and the State Library.

Accessing records

Torrens Purchasers Index up to 1971

This section of the index is available free online in the Historical Land Records Viewer.

Torrens Purchasers Index from June 1971

Owner inquiries for titles or leaseholds from 1 June 1971 to present can be made over the counter at Queens Square or through an approved information broker.

You are required to verify your identity and provide a reason for seeking the information before the search will be conducted. Identity documents must include a current photo identification and one other form of identification. For more information see NSW LRS Circular 2004/12 (PDF 260 KB).

Identifying records

The Torrens Purchasers Index is organised alphabetically, within chronological periods.

  • The first books in the index cover transactions occurring between 1863-1867, with each book covering a portion of the alphabet.
  • The next set of books covers the period 1868-1872, again with books going from A to Z.

As an example of how individual books are labeled, the book '1891-1895 E-F' covers the E and F names during the period 1891-1895 and you would examine this book if you were looking for a purchase by John Ford around 1892.

Until all the index books are available online, you need to come to Queens Square to view the index.

The Old Form Torrens title folios can be viewed free at home through the Historical Land Records Viewer or at NSW LRS Queens Square, State Records or the State Library.

Both Old Form and New Form Torrens title folios can be purchased through an approved information broker.

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