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Land ownership

If you own land in New South Wales, you use the land ownership records administered by NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS).

In 1802, a register was provided by the Judge Advocate and parties were invited to place their dealings on record. These were the first recorded registrations and formed the first book of the 'Old Register'.

The Torrens title system provides land owners, and those who wish to deal with land, with proof and security of ownership.

Crown land is owned and managed by State Government and accounts for almost half of all land in New South Wales.

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Identity fraud

To ensure you don't become a victim of identity fraud when dealing with land, it is recommended that stringent processes be adopted in verifying the identity of person(s) claiming a right to deal with the land.  

From 1 August 2016 a Representative must take reasonable steps to verify the identity of clients or their agents, and persons to whom certificates of title are given see Verification of identity and the right to deal.

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