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Digital Plans News

March 2018

Digital or electronic lodgment is the future of plan and title registration in Australia.  For NSW LRS that means elodgment of plans via our ePlan service.

As you're probably aware ePlan has been available since 2002 and in February 2018, approximately 75% of plans were lodged via ePlan. 

Land XML 

LandXML (LXML) is the next generation of our eplan service. LXML is an intelligent digital data file format used for transferring data related to plans and survey information instead of using image files. An LXML file can be assessed against business rules for automated validations to help reduce requisitions.

It was developed in 2010 as a platform for digital plan processing and is constantly evolving to cover more plan types. 

Some of the benefits of using LXML are pre-validation, improved data quality and turnaround times and reduced requisitions. 

Currently around 6% of plans are submitted using the LXML service. 

Contact our team to find out more about getting up and running on LXML. Send an email to

Survey on LandXML

We would love to know your level of understanding about LandXML and have created a short survey. We would appreciate you taking the time to do the survey. 

Launch Survey 

LandXML Statistics

Snapshot at 28 February 2018:

  • 133 surveyors from 66 firms
  • Total Plans lodged using LXML: 1181
  • Total new Lots created using LXML: 19676 
In 2018
  • 6% of Plans Lodged in LXML in Jan 2018
  • 26% of Lots Lodged in LXML in Jan 2018
  • Average Lodgment to Examination turnaround time in Jan 2018: 3 days

What's new with LandXML

LXML Validation Service Enhancements

NSW LRS is continually improving the LXML validation service. Latest improvements to be included in the next release (coming soon):

Items fixed

-         Rule 26: Improved comparison of PM details  with SCIMS

-         Rules 21-26, 28-40 & 42 to accommodate compiled plans

-         Rule 52: Improved checking on parcel orientation

Improvements added

-         New enumeration of “Policy 3 “ for RedHorizontalPostion@HorizontalFixto accommodate  Policy 3 plans

-         Rule 18: checking correctness of Cgpoint@pntSurv

-         Rule 26: new logic applied to comply withthe new surveying regulations in regards to heights of PM’s

Items still in progress

-         Rules 5 & 13 overlapping parcels – improving tolerance

-         Rule 36: Improving Road Marking checks

-         Rule 37: improving PM to PM connection checks

Latest Survey Software Are you up to date?

-         LandMark V.17

-         MagnetOffice V.4.3

-         LandXML4AutoCAD V 1.11.2

-         GeoSurvey V5.79 & GeoCadastre V.5.91

-         StringerePlan V.18.04

-         LISCAD V.12.2

-         12D ModelV.11

Upcoming LandXML Training

Contact the vendors on the links provided to register. 

March 2018 

Friday 16 

Stringer ePlan Training Enquiry 

May 2018

Thursday 24 

Magnet Office (Formerly CivilCAD)

Training on Request

Send an email to : 

LandMarkTraining Enquiry 


LISCAD ePlanTraining Enquiry 



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