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ePlan is an electronic plan lodgment and validation system developed by NSW LRS that is a faster more secure and more efficient way of processing land title plans.

For information on the new national standard for ePlan see our LandXML page.

The benefits in using ePlan

ePlan offers significant benefits in terms of process improvement and new business opportunities for surveyors. With ePlan you are in command during the entire plan development process; from inception to registration.

  • Lodge plans from any where at any time.
  • No third party costs.
  • Eliminate the loss or unauthorised changes of plans.
  • Satisfy requisitions online.
  • Finalise quality checks prior to lodgment.
  • Track a plans progress.
  • Search a plans lodgment history.

ePlan access

Access to ePlan is through the NSW LRS Online portal. To gain access to the ePlan electronic plan lodgment facility you must be an approved person having applied for and been issued with a userid and password to the ePlan. Download Instructions and application form (PDF 179.0 KB). When issued with a userid and password you automatically gain access to Level 1 menu options for ePlan which enables the user to:

  • lodge plans for pre-examination only.
  • lodge test data to check compliance with NSW LRS file specifications.

Details on ePlan file specifications are available in the Surveyor's information package.

Test data comprising of all the elements of a lodgment bundle to meet NSW LRS requirements is required to gain approval for access to the Level 2 ePlan options. Your ePlan menu options will then be upgraded with the ability to lodge plans for registration. You will be advised by email of your Level 2 availability.

Your comments about ePlan can be directed to the ePlan team

A person approved to lodge plans electronically (approved person) can only be:

  • a NSW registered surveyor
  • a nominated representative of a surveyors company or
  • an authorised representative of a government agency.

Further information

More information can be found at:

Contact the ePlan Administrator or 02 9228 6907

General enquiries

1300 052 637

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