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Fast facts

What files are required to be lodged electronically?

All the documents that would normally be lodged with a plan under the manual system must be lodged in TIF format. The certificate of title, old system deeds and certain other documents specified in the Regulations will continue to be lodged manually. Typically, a lodgment for registration would include:

  • The plan file
  • The signatures / administration sheet
  • Section 88B/development statement
  • Checklists/survey report

What is needed to lodge a plan electronically through ePlan?

  • an A4 scanner
  • internet access and an e-mail address
  • TIFF conversion software (raster driver)
  • file compression software (eg WINZIP) and
  • a userid and password to the NSW LRS Online portal

Are there any special requirements for the TIFF images?

All imaged documents to be lodged must comply with the following NSW LRS standards: (see Image Standards for Electronic Plan Lodgment in the Surveyor's information package).

  • Size: true to document size (i.e. A2, A3 or A4)
  • Colour: must be black and white (monochrome)
  • Resolution: 200 dpi and
  • Compression: CCITT Group 4 compression

How to create or convert a completed CAD file to TIFF?

The method accepted as the most appropriate is the creation of TIFF images, using third party software, in the form of raster printer drivers. One successfully trialled by NSW LRS is the Peernet Raster Image Printer (available from which converts any document capable of being printed using a Windows application into serialized or multi-page TIFF images.

An alternative for those using DOS CAD packages is a product called ViewCompanion (available from This product is an HPGL viewer which converts to TIFF and a number of other formats, however, the user is required to first create an HPGL file from their CAD package.

Creating TIFFs for documents other than the plan

When lodging plans for pre-examination the Peernet driver will create a multi-page TIFF of any windows word processing documents such as 88Bs, reports, management statements etc. However, where documents require signatures, a standard office A4 scanner should be used to create a multipage TIFF to NSW LRS image standards.

Naming files

Your file reference is followed by an underscore ( _ ) and suffix code to identify each document type is the required naming convention for each file. The following list of suffix codes must be adopted.

Document Type Suffix Code
Plan P
Section 88B Instrument B
Signatures / administration sheet S
Survey Report R
Geometry G
Strata Plan Management Statement M
Strata Plan Development Contract C
Strata Plan Developers By-Laws D
DP Management Statement M
DP Development Contract C
Building Management Statement M
Surveyor and Lodging Party Checklists K
DP Pipeline Form F
Letter / Miscellaneous L

For example, if your reference is B2156 for a deposited plan, the files would be named as follows:

Document Type File name
Plan B2156_P.tif
Signatures / administration sheet B2156_S.tif
Section 88B Instrument B2156_B.tif
Survey Report B2156_R.tif
Letter B2156_L.tif
Surveyor and Lodging Party Checklists B2156_K.tif

These 6 TIFF files must then be compressed into a single zip file for lodgment and that file would be named

When relodging files after a requisitions the same naming convention must be adopted.

ZIP files

All files to be uploaded to the ePlan internet lodgment facility must be compressed into a single ZIP file even where there is only one file to upload. A compressed ZIP file reduces the upload time and ensures the files are received in one bundle.

When is the fee payable and how do I pay it?

The user has the option to pay online by credit card during the lodgment process or place the lodgment on account.

A tax invoice is issued online to the lodging party upon lodgment acceptance.

If placed on account fees are payable within 7 days of the date of the tax invoice, either:

  • in person at the NSW LRS Office at Queens Square, Sydney
  • by post to Revenue Section, Finance Branch, NSW Land Registry Services, GPO Box 15, Sydney 2001.
  • by credit card online using NSW LRS eCommerce facilities.
  • by electronic funds transfer (EFT) - full details of this facility are available from our Finance Branch on T: 02 9228 6700.


Enacted 19 August, 2002, Conveyancing Legislation Amendment (ePlan) Act 2002 and Conveyancing (General), Community Land Development, Real Property, Strata Schemes (Freehold) and (Leasehold) Regulations are published on the Parliamentary Counsels website

Additional information

Full details are available from Surveyor's information package page or enquiries can be directed to the ePlan Administrator

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