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Model and NSW LXML Recipe


The Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping (ICSM) has endorsed LandXML (LXML) as the national standard for digital lodgment of cadastral plans.

The LXML Model accommodates all the survey geometry, administrative and titling data to process a plan from lodgment and registration through to the Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB) update.

The ICSM publication ePlan Protocol LandXML Mapping (PDF 1.25 MB) defines every element within the national LXML schema, but not every jurisdiction will use all the elements within the schema.

Digital plans in LXML format that are lodged in NSW will only contain:

  • the survey component of the plan currently represented on the plan drawing sheet and
  • a subset of the information contained on the administration sheet.

All the administrative information (including the subset in the LXML), certification and signatures will remain in a TIFF format Administration Sheet which must be lodged with the LXML file as part of the lodgment bundle.

NSW LXML Recipe 

NSW LRS publishes a NSW specific document - the NSW LandXML Recipe to assist survey software vendors and surveyors to develop LXML functionality within their software and practices.

The NSW LXML Recipe is a subset of the ICSM LXML specification and also specifies the elements required in the LXML file for a plan submission to NSW LRS. 

Current Version NSW LRS LXML Recipe Version 9.0 - Published July 2018 

Following a period of feedback from stakeholders, the NSW LandXML Recipe version 9.0 has now been finalised.

NSW LandXML Recipe - Specifications for preparation of Deposited Plans in LandXML format for lodgment in NSW - version 9.0 (PDF 3.4MB).

Note on version 9

 Additional changes make to the draft version sent previously are as follows:

1. Updated Section 4.19.2  to include additional FieldNote to sample ReducedObservation ( Page 77)

2. Updated wording in Section 4.22 to clarify (Page 80)

3. Removed the DocFileRef Element from Recipe (previously Section 3.9) and renumbered following sections.  Changed the FeatureDictionary definition as per section 3.8 – Both of these elements have not been used correctly in the past. Basically the FeatureDictionary will directly record the NSW schema name and Version No used to create the file. 


NSW Schema files

These files provide NSW jurisdictional specific data elements for digital plans prepared in accordance with the national ICSM model.

NSW Enumeration types (.XSD 42.8 KB)

NSW reference data (.XML 1.3 KB)

NSW ePlan Protocol Schema (.XSD 52 KB)



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