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Plan and dealing statistics

Statistical information

Current financial year statistics for lodgment and registration of plans and major dealings including transfers, mortgages, discharge of mortgages are below.

Note dealings can be lodged for registration up to one month after settlement of transactions.

Figures for new land parcels per Local Government Area (LGA) are also available.

2018-19 plan lodgments

2018-19 dealing lodgments

2017-18 plan lodgments

2017-18 dealing lodgments

2016-17 plan lodgments

2016-17 dealing lodgments

2015-2016 plan lodgments

2015-2016 dealing lodgments

2014-2015 plan lodgments

2014-2015 dealing lodgments

2013-2014 plan lodgments

2013-2014 dealing lodgments

2012-2013 plan lodgments

2012-2013 dealing lodgments

2011-2012 plan lodgments

2011-2012 dealing lodgments

2010-2011 dealing lodgments

2009-2010 dealing lodgments

2008-2009 dealing lodgments

New land parcels per LGA

2018-2019_Q3_new_parcels.pdf (PDF 64.0 KB)

2018-2019 Q2 LGA new parcels (PDF 433.7 KB)

2018-2019 Q1 LGA new parcels (PDF 438.1 KB)

2017-2018 Q4 LGA new parcels (PDF 433.9 KB)

2017-2018 Q3 LGA new parcels (PDF 408.8 KB)

2017-2018 Q2 LGA new parcels (PDF 438.3 KB)

2017-2018 Q1 LGA new parcels (PDF 407.3 KB)

2016-2017 Q4 LGA new parcels (PDF 434.0 KB)

2016-2017 Q3 LGA new parcels (PDF 419.0 KB)

2016-2017 Q2 LGA new parcels (PDF 436.0 KB)

2016-2017 Q1 LGA new parcels (PDF 206.2 KB)

2015-2016 new land parcels per LGA (PDF 275.1 KB)

2014-2015 new land parcels per LGA (PDF 678.0 KB)

2013-2014 new land parcels per LGA (PDF 788.1 KB)

2012-2013 new land parcels per LGA (PDF 1.2 MB)

2011-2012 new land parcels per LGA (PDF 690.4 KB)

2010-2011 new land parcels per LGA (PDF 713.8 KB)

2009-2010 new land parcels per LGA (PDF 712.0 KB)

2008-2009 new land parcels per LGA (PDF 720.9 KB)

2007-2008 new land parcels per LGA (PDF 720.2 KB)

2006-2007 new land parcels per LGA (PDF 711.0 KB)

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