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Registration of a plan

Before being registered, a plan is examined by NSW LRS to ensure that legal boundaries have been established and correspond with the boundaries as marked on the ground. The plan examination process ensures existing interests are preserved from one generation of title to the next.

The land to which the plan refers assumes the lot and plan number as its new title (i.e. Lot 1 in DP 356786 would be known as folio identifier 1/356786) and can only be dealt with as a whole. The land must be identified in all land transactions by its folio identifier.

As the official source of land information for NSW, NSW LRS ensures that newly registered plans and associated titles are charted on the official digital cadastral map of the State. Maintained by NSW LRS, this map shows all legal and other approved boundaries applying to land throughout NSW.

When will Notice of Registration be issued?

After a plan has be lodged registration notices will be issued to both the lodging agent and, where applicable, the surveyor.

To whom will the title be issued?

Where new titles or new editions of existing titles are to be issued from the registration of a plan, the parchment or public copy will be delivered to the party which produced the title.

Where new titles have been created comprising the whole or parts of existing titles the titles notice will be issued to the producing parties requesting that the custody of titles be resolved. The title(s) will be held in this office until custody of the new title is resolved.

More information

The Registrar General's Guidelines  sets out information needed by surveyors, solicitors and others in the preparation of deposited plans and associated instruments. It also has guidelines relevant to strata scheme and community scheme plans, which have their own specific directions.

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