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Searching guides

If you are interested in exploring NSW's land heritage, NSW LRS has produced the following guides to assist you in conducting online and over-the-counter searches of current and historical information.

The searching guides are provided as PDF format and will open in a new window. Should the PDF prove inaccessible please contact us to obtain a copy.

Online searches 

Online land title searches and products that attract a fee are no longer available through the former Online Shop. NSW LRS’s authorised information brokers now provide these fee-based products. Free searches are available at NSW LRS Online portal

Due to these changes in accessing land title searches and related products online some of the information in these publications may be out of date.


A Brief History of the Records of the Registrar General (PDF 2.8 MB)
Published 04 Sep 2013

This publication offers a brief history of the Office of the Registrar General since its inception in 1843 and the records it holds which date back to 1792. It also describes how land was initially acquired and consequently managed.

First Stop Guide to the Records of the Registrar General (PDF 1.6 MB)
Published 04 Sep 2013

The First Stop Guide is the first of five publications that detail the history of and information about searching and accessing land titling records in NSW. This guide aims to be your 'First Stop' in helping you decide which publication(s) suits your particular searching needs.

Old System Information and Search Guide (PDF 4.1 MB)
Published 04 Aug 2013

This guide explains the intricacies of Old System land title and offers advice and tips on how to search the indexes and documents that have been registered with the Registrar General since New South Wales (NSW) was founded.

Searching the Registrar General's Maps and Plans (PDF 4.6 MB)
Published 04 Sep 2013

This guide has been prepared to provide a reference guide to NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS) mapping and plan resources and as a research tool for historical inquiry.

Torrens Title Information and Search Guide (PDF 2.5 MB)
Published 04 Sep 2013

This guide describes how Torrens title information has been recorded historically and offers practical information on how to locate current and historical Torrens title information.

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