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Plans defining Western division roads 2007/3

Issued January 2009

A new series of deposited plans is being prepared by the Western Region, Crown Lands Division to define the site of new roads to be created across unincorporated areas of the Western Division of NSW.  These new roads will be created to formalise the existing public access corridors currently in use within the boundaries of the Western Lands Perpetual Leasehold Estates.

This project involves the conversion of land under the control of Far West Regional Office (FWRO) that is in use for access to be dedicated as Public Roads under the care and control of the relevant Roads Authority.  The aim is to provide similar status to these roads as is afforded to roads in the Eastern and Central Divisions of NSW.

Where it is intended to restrict access to the general public, these new plans may also include the provision of appropriate easements normally in the form of a Proposed Right of Carriageway over Track in Use (approximate position).

Note This policy relates to existing road and track formations located in the Western Division of NSW only. Any newly constructed road intended to be dedicated as public road must be surveyed and marked in accordance with standard survey practice (Surveying Regulation 2006) applying to the Eastern and Central Divisions.

Practice in NSW LRS

The new plan will define a corridor within which the road is located as it traverses each existing Western lands parcel.  Each corner or intersection will be defined by co-ordinate data obtained photogrammetrically from aerial photography.  Normal lodgment and plan procedures relating to processing and registration apply.

1. Plan requirements

  • The new plan will show as lot(s) the new roads to be acquired or resumed.
  • Lot numbers and areas of the new road parcels must be shown.
  • No residue for the affected parcels will be shown.  At acquisition/resumption stage, (following lodgement of a dealing requesting issue of a title for the road) a Second Schedule notification will be entered on the affected title ie.

part of the land above described being Lot… in DP………….. is now road

  • Full dimensions are not required.
  • Reference to the centreline of the road should not be shown.
  • A graphical indication of the current parcels traversed by the new road will be shown on the plan. These existing boundaries will not be surveyed and are not required to be marked where they intersect the new road.
  • The location of the intersected parcel boundaries may be approximated by existing occupations (where the occupation is supported by aerial photography as representing the parcel boundary).
  • Cadastral connections on boundary cuts are not required.
  • The terminals of the road must be tied into the adjoining cadastre.
  • Where the location of the new road (determined by aerial photography) is in conflict with existing cadastral boundaries, the cadastral boundaries will prevail.
  • Requirements for the placement of new Survey Marks are not applicable for plans prepared under this policy.
  • Parcel boundary examination in NSW LRS will not be undertaken, basic plan checks including adjoining information will be undertaken.
  • All plans will be prepared using MGA meridian.
  • A schedule of the co-ordinate values used to define the position of the new road must be included on the plan. This schedule should specify the zone, accuracy, date and scale factor of each co-ordinate. If the accuracy is ± 5 metres, the precision of the co-ordinates need not be greater than 1 metre.
  • A statement should be added to the plan specifying that the co-ordinates will prevail except where the co-ordinates contradict the existing cadastre as above.
  • A statement should be added specifying the method used as the basis of the plan eg based on photogrammetrically compiled data obtained from aerial photography.
  • The plan must note full details of the aerial photography including flight names, runs, numbers and dates.

2. Easements

If proposed easements are intended to be subsequently created, they will be restricted to Rights of Carriageway over Centreline of Track in Use (approximate position) only.  No easements will be created by s.88B on registration of the plan. These proposed easements will be shown on the plan in the usual manner i.e. as an irregular broken line.

3. Approvals

The approval of the Western Region, Crown Lands Division must be endorsed on the plan together with the relevant file number.

4. Plan registration

At registration stage an appropriate NB note must be added to all affected titles i.e.

DP………. Plan of acquisition/resumption

5. Dealing registration

Upon lodgment of an acquisition or resumption dealing, no action will be taken to prepare a departmental plan to define the residue of the affected land (see Plan Requirements above).

Note  The Surveyor Generals Directions will be updated to reflect the requirements set out in this Practice Statement.

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