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Road closures 1999/2

Issued May 2000

Any plan which defines road closure, eg:

  • a Crown plan, lodged by Land NSW
  • a plan lodged on behalf of a local council or
  • a multi-purpose plan (eg a subdivision or consolidation over non Crown Land together with a road closure to be effected by gazette notice after registration of the plan)

may require the approval of Land NSW if the road comprised Crown Land at the time the road was opened. This is regardless of whether its present status is Crown Road under the control of Land NSW or Public Road under the control of a local council.

At lodgment in the LTO the plan should be accompanied by either:

  • evidence that Land NSW has approved the definition of the road closure by:
  • signing the plan in the relevant section of the Plan Forms set aside for Crown Lands Office Approval or
  • lodging a copy of the plan evidencing Land NSW approval to the definition of the closed road or
  • a statutory declaration by someone with relevant knowledge, to the effect that the approval of Land NSW is not required.

If evidence is not with the plan at the time of lodgment, the examining officer will request lodgment of the relevant evidence by contacting or requisitioning the surveyor and/or lodging party.

This evidence should be attached to the plan papers and the papers retained permanently.

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