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The next generation of ePlan

LandXML (LXML) is replacing TIFF as the file format for digital lodgment of plans in the ePlan portal. LandXML services are available with level 3 ePlan access through the NSW LRS Online portal. For more information see the individual information sheets for approving authorities, developers and surveyors.

Minimum requirements to gain access to these services include a userid and login, with current level 2 access. For more information see the LXML User Guide (PDF 856.8 KB).

The Model and NSW LXML Recipe

Go to the LXML Model page for NSW technical specifications and schema files.


NSW LXML Recipe v9.0 has been finalised and is now available. See the Model and Recipe Page for details.

ePlan LXML Services

Two new services have been deployed in the utilities tab of the ePlan portal to assist surveyors in their development of LXML capability.

1. LXML Validation Service

All ePlan users can now check their plans online for compliance with over 100 business and surveying rules and regulations.

By simply uploading LXML plan files to the validation service, surveyors can have more certainty that their plans will avoid the requisitions that commonly hold up registration.

2. LXML Plan Rendering Service

An online plan rendering service has been deployed for surveyors in the ePlan lodgment portal in SIX to render plan files in LandXML format onto a deposited plan form. It should be noted that the service is currently in a 'prototype' stage and is undergoing significant enhancement work. New versions of the service will be deployed as enhancements are completed. The un-enhanced version has been released for use by surveyors to assist them in resolving issues in LandXML testing and lodgments.

When the rendering service is fully enhanced the lodging surveyor will not need to prepare a TIFF of the plan drawing sheet in most cases. The rendering service will also be available for surveyors to render their plans for use with councils, clients etc any time prior to lodgment.

Until the rendering service is fully enhanced a TIFF file of the plan drawing sheet may also be needed to be lodged to support the LandXML. This practice will continue until NSW LRS can produce a quality formal rendering of the LXML file onto the appropriate plan form.

Current status

To manage LXML Lodgments, the ePlan lodgment page has been redeveloped and all plans lodged in LXML format will be automatically validated and rendered. The lodging surveyor has the option of rejecting or accepting the plan rendering. If the rendering is rejected by the surveyor a TIFF file for the plan drawing sheet will be required to be included in the lodgment bundle before lodgment can proceed. NSW LRS will also have an option of rejecting the rendering at a later stage in the process.

Access to the lodgment of LXML files is restricted to surveyors that have completed testing with the ePlan project team and have been allocated a new Level 3 ePlan user profile.

NSW LRS will assist software vendors and surveyors to develop their LandXML functionality and welcomes submission of test LandXML files.

Survey software information

Go to the Software packages contact page for information about survey software packages used in NSW and their LXML capability.


Chris Wilcox 02 9228 6772 or

Hwan Choi 02 8236 7028 or

Mark Deal 02 9228 6840 or

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