Free searches available via Online Portal

Examples include, but are not limited to;
Street address inquiry / Reverse street address inquiry - Find a title reference using a street address or find a street address using a title reference

Certificate of Title (CT) inquiry - Provides details such as the current edition number of the Certificate of Title or Water Access Licence

Document inquiry - Check the status of a dealing, deposited plan, strata plan, primary application, or conversion action.

Plan inquiry - Shows plan details including plan purpose, lot numbers, registration date, surveyor and council approval details.

Deed name and number search - Find deeds linked to a person or company such as a Power of Attorney or a deed for an Old System property.

Land value search for owners - Provides land owners with recent land valuation information. An activation key is required to use this search.

Cadastral Records Enquiry (CRE) search - Shows cadastral information for a property, including surrounding lot and plan numbers, street names, and local government authority boundaries.

Electronic Notice of Sale (eNOS) – Members of the public can create, update and view eNOS transactions (passkey and relevant details required).

Historical Land Registry Viewer (HLRV) – Search and view historical maps, plans, titles and indexes.

Available through an Information Broker

Examples include, but are not limited to;
Title Searches - Confirms the current owners of a property and shows any registered interests affecting the property such as a mortgage or easement.

Plan images - Provides images of deposited plans and strata plans.
  • Copies of Registered documents – including;
  • Dealings
  • Crown Plans
  • Cancelled Titles
  • Old System Deeds
  • Section 88B instruments
  • Power of Attorney
  • Developer by-laws.
Central Register of Restrictions – Request a certificate identifying whether participating agencies have recorded an interest against a property, including underground infrastructure or intended Government acquisitions.

Historical search on title – Shows all transactions since 1983, such as transfers, mortgages, and new plans registered against a Torrens computer title.

Lease folio data - Provides lists of lease folios and related data in a commercial lease complex or retirement village.

Water Board requests – For certificates, documents, diagrams, and other related records.

Service Status Update

Until December 2018, there will be planned outages for some NSW LRS systems while we undertake essential works. Where possible these works have been scheduled over weekends to minimise disruption to our customers.

Upcoming Outages:
Will be advised once confirmed.

To check on the status of our online services or to subscribe to our outage notifications, please visit our Service Status page.